Wipro Uniquely Fires New 10000 Freshers

Wipro Uniquely Fires New 10000 Freshers

Wipro did not onboard 5000-10000 students in the last 12-16 months. The onboarding meeting happened just to tell them that more delays will happen and this meeting just happened to tell them about the delay. In the meeting, only students started telling Wipro employees that they are going to do suicide because they are getting suicidal thoughts then also Wipro employees did not feel anything for them and just ended the meeting by saying more and more delay.
This is the new unique way for Wipro to onboarding delays.

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Wipro had delayed onboarding of freshers for more than 7 months for 2022 grads. Also, elite/turbo candidates are receiving direct termination mail. These candidates had passed the technical interviews and tests then got the selection . After selection they completed 2 months internship and completed the assesments but then their onboarding was delayed by 7 months and now some of them receiving termination mail. And for the rest Wipro is delaying the onboarding for 1000s of candidates. Also the internship was unpaid and NIETS has requested labour ministry to take action against Wipro . 

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Because of this many frustrated candidates are planning to protest against Wipro at different locations (Bangalore, Noida, Chennai, etc) and are also planning to ask NIETS for holding a protest.

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