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Tata Motors Unveils New Ev Car 

By QuizXP

April 30, 2022

Tata Motors

Tata Passenger Electric  Mobility is preparing to roll out a new electric vehicle as the  wholly-owned EV subsidiary of Tata Motors

Launch Details

Tata Motors on Friday unveiled its new electric vehicle concept Avinya,  based on the auto manufacturer's new Pure EV third-generation  architecture. 

Car Details

Avinya, which is based on the automaker's new Pure EV third-generation  architecture. Tata Avinya is claimed to designed focused.


Tata's new Avinya also gets a premium, futuristic, and expansive cabin  that features everything from a steering mounted display.


Up front, there is a full width LED light bar that is designed to  resemble a stretched out 'T' logo, along with a uniquely lit solid  grille section, slim headlight.

Inside The Car

Inside the cabin, the Tata Avinya EV concept gets a completely different  visual appearance, which is minimalist and focused on increasing space  and comfort.

Range Of Car

The vehicle promises over a 500 km range and could come with dual electric motors.

Space In Car

Tata Motors claims that it has designed Avinya to offer more space to  the occupants, dust protection, high structural safety, and advanced  driver assistance.

launch Date

The company also stated that Avinya will hit the market as early as 2025.