NPTEL » Soft Skill Development Assignment week 1 2021

nptel soft skill developement

This course Soft Skill Development aims to introduce learners to the dynamics of effective spoken communication by establishing speaking as an autonomous medium with a distinctive vocabulary, syntax, structure, style, and register. It will enable learners to participate in one to one interactions, in small groups, and before a group.

Soft Skill Development is a MOOC based course that is 8 weeks in duration and can fulfill the criteria of 4 credits in a year. You can visit the NPTEL SWAYAM platform and register yourself for the course. This course is brought to you by By Prof. Priyadarshi Patnaik, Priyadarshi Patnaik is a Professor of English and Communication in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur.Prof. V.N. Giri, Vijay Nath Giri is a Professor and Head in the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur. He has been teaching subjects related to Communication Studies. Prof. D. Suar, Damodar Suar is a Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kharagpur, and in the Vinod Gupta School of Management,

Who Can JoinAny discipline  PREREQUISITES: An intermediate course in English Language INDUSTRY SUPPORT: All industries


Average assignment score = 25% of the average of the best 6 assignments out of the total 8 assignments given in the course.
Exam score = 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100

Final score = Average assignment score + Exam score

Students will be eligible for CERTIFICATE ONLY IF AVERAGE ASSIGNMENT SCORE >=10/25 AND EXAM SCORE >= 30/75. If any of the 2 criteria are not met, the student will not get the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100.

Speaking Effectively Assignment Week 1 Answers:-

1. Inability to express ourselves correctly is often because

Ans:- D-All of the Above.

2. Our voice provides clues to which of the following

Ans:-D-All of the Above

3. Which of the following is a type of non-verbal communication?

Ans:- B-Symbol

4. Which of these is not a one-way communication model?

Ans:- D-Personal Meeting

Also Check:-

5. In an ideal situation when we communicate, we do not?

Ans:- D-Neglect People

6. Phonetics is

Ans:- C-The Science of Sounds

7. Standard language is usually the dialect of the

Ans:- A-Cultural Dominant Group

8. While referring to a senior (in rank and position) you should

Ans:- B-Use Their Title

9. Which of the following way does not help to improve our voice quality?

Ans:- D-Stooping Posture

10. The type(s) of English usage dominant in the world is/are

Ans:- D-Both

11. Usually, in a communication situation, there is always

Ans:- C-Both

12. Verbs which are used like nouns and which can make speech very confusing are called

Ans:- C-Camouflaged verbs.

13. Speaking comprises of

Ans:- D-i,ii & iii.

14. Speaking is an art, but it is also a

Ans:- A-Skill.

15. Which of the following practices should be followed while greeting people at work?

Ans:- D-All of the Above.

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