NPTEL Software Testing Assignment 4 Answers 2022

NPTEL Software Testing Assignment 4

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What is Software Testing?

The world has become highly interconnected and hence more complex than ever before. We are surrounded by a multitude of networks in our daily life, for example, friendship networks, online Software Testing, world wide web, road networks etc. All these networks are today available online in the form of graphs which hold a whole lot of hidden information. They encompass surprising secrets which have been time and again revealed with the help of tools like graph theory, sociology, game theory, etc.


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NPTEL Software Testing Assignment 4 Answers:-

Q1. Consider the following assertions regarding subsumption relation among various code coverage criteria. Assume that the subsumption relation between 2 code coverage criteria has been represented by the symbol →. That is, A→B implies that criterion A subsumes criterion B.
i) MC/DC→ Basic Condition Coverage
ii) Basic Condition Coverage → Decision Coverage
iii) Decision Coverage → Condition/Decision Coverage
iv) MC/DC → Condition/Decision Coverage
Which of the following options are a set of valid assertions?

Answer:- b

Q2. Suppose in order to estimate the number of latent errors in a program, you seed it with 1000 errors of different kinds. After testing the software using its full test suite, you discover only 500 of the seeded errors. You discover 250 other errors also. Estimate the number of errors that are still latent in the software.

Answer:- c

Q3. Which statement below best describes non-functional testing?

Answer:- d

Q4. Which one of the following statements best describes regression testing?

Answer:- c

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Q5. Which of the following types of testing are not performed during system testing?

Answer:- d

Q6. Alpha and Beta testing are considered to be part of which one of the following types of testing?

Answer:- d

Q7. For programs having a large number of modules, which one of the following integration testing strategies is rarely used?

Answer:- a

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Q8. Which one of the following is true of a pure top-down integration testing process?

Answer:- a

Q9. Which one of the following types of program models is normally used to design the integration test plan?

Answer:- c

Q10. Beta testing is usually performed by which one of the following?

Answer:- d

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