NPTEL Social Networks Assignment 3 Answers 2022

NPTEL Social Networks Assignment 3

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What is Social Networks?

The world has become highly interconnected and hence more complex than ever before. We are surrounded by a multitude of networks in our daily life, for example, friendship networks, online social networks, world wide web, road networks etc. All these networks are today available online in the form of graphs which hold a whole lot of hidden information. They encompass surprising secrets which have been time and again revealed with the help of tools like graph theory, sociology, game theory, etc.


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Below you can find the answers for the NPTEL Social Networks Assignment 3

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NPTEL Social Networks Assignment 3 Answers:-

Q1. In social networks, friends and acquaintances respectively lead to:

Answer:- a

Q2. The below mentioned principle is referred as:

If two people in a social network have a friend in common, then there is an increased likelihood
that they will become friends themselves at some point in the future.

Answer:- c

Q3. Consider the graph below (Figure 1), where each edge is labelled as S (strong tie) or W (weak tie) – except the edge connecting B and C. According to the theory of strong and weak ties, with the strong triadic closure assumption, what would be the label for the edge BC?

Answer:- b

Q4. In most of the real-world networks, a local bridge is a

Answer:- c

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Q5. Given that neighbourhood overlap of an edge m

Answer:- c

Q6. Let the below given network (Figure 2) be friendship network. Then, the embeddedness of a relationship between v0 and v2 is:

Answer:- d

Q7. In Girvan-Newmann algorithm, we keep removing the ______

Answer:- b

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Q8. What is the neighbourhood overlap of an edge connecting D and B from the below given graph?

Answer:- a

Q9. In Facebook network, a link represents reciprocal communication if:

Answer:- b

Q10. Computing betweenness Centrality of a given node involves computing which of the following?

Answer:- c

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