NPTEL Python for Data Science Assignment 3 Answers 2023

NPTEL Python for Data Science Assignment 3 Answers 2023

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NPTEL Python for Data Science Assignment 3 Answers 2023:-

Q1. Which of the following is the correct approach to fill missing values in case of categorical variable?

Answer:- c. Mode

Q2. Assume a pandas dataframe df_cars which when printed is as shown below. Based on this information, answer questions 2 and 3.

Of the following set of statements, which of them can be used to extract the column Type as a separate dataframe?

Answer:- a, c

Q3. The method df_cars.describe() will give description of which of the following column?

Answer:- c. Price (in lakhs)

Q4. Which pandas function is used to stack the dataframes vertically?

Answer:- b. pd.concat()

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Q5. Which of the following are liabraries in Python?

Answer:- d. All of the above

Read the comma-separated values file hotel bookings.csv as a dataframe data hotel and answer questions 6 – 8. Please refer to Hotel Bookings Data Description.pdf for data and variable description.

Q6. Choose the appropriate command(s) to filter those booking details whose reservation-status are a No-show?

Answer:- b, d

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Q7. From the same data, find how many bookings were not canceled in the year 2017?

Answer:- a. 9064

Q8. From the total bookings that were made in 2017 and not canceled, which month had the highest number of repeated guests?

Answer:- c. January

Q9. What will be the output of the following code?

Answer:- a. [bool, int, float, float, str]

Q10. Which command is used to generate the plot shown below?

Answer:- a. plt.plot(x, linestyle = “-”)

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