NPTEL Non-conventional energy Resources Assignment 3 Answers 2022

NPTEL Non-conventional energy Resources Assignment 3

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What is Non conventional energy Resources?

This course looks at the operating principle of a range of non-conventional energy resources, materials used, characterization, and key performance characteristics. The technologies looked at will include, Solar energy, Wind, Batteries, Fuel cells, and Geothermal conversion. The advantages and limitations of these technologies in comparison to conventional sources of energy will also be examined.


Average assignment score = 25% of the average of best 6 assignments out of the total 8 assignments given in the course.
Exam score = 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100

Final score = Average assignment score + Exam score

YOU WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR A CERTIFICATE ONLY IF THE AVERAGE ASSIGNMENT SCORE >=10/25 AND EXAM SCORE >= 30/75. If one of the 2 criteria is not met, you will not get the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100.

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NPTEL Non-conventional energy Resources Assignment 3 Answers:-

Q1. As the GDP of a nation increases, energy consumption generally:

Answer:- a

Q2. Statement: Maharashtra consumes more energy than Tamil Nadu.     Conclusion: Based on trends usually seen in relationship between energy usage and economic activity in India    (A)  Maharashtra has more GSDP than Tamil Nadu.    (B)  Tamil Nadu has more industrial output than Maharashtra

Answer:- a,b

Q3. 40,000 years ago atmospheric  CO2  concentration was ____ and this is determined using bubbles of ____ trapped in ice

Answer:- a

Q4. Statement: Glaciers are melting due to the increasing CO2 percentage in the atmosphere.       
Conclusion:    (A)   CO2 traps the energy which comes from sun.    (B)  More CO2 in atmosphere means more absorption of energy re-released by earth.

Answer:- a,c

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Q5. World’s total energy usage is the same as the energy received by the earth from sun in _____

Answer:- d

Q6. What are the various options possible to maximize energy received by a planet from its star?

Answer:- b

Q7. Temperature of the Sun’s surface is approximately

Answer:- b,c

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Q8. Arrange the following in their increasing order:

   a) Radius of earth’s orbit, Earth’s radius, Sun’s radius 

Answer:- a

Q9. At any given point of time, one side of Earth radiates energy obtained from the sun back to the space because ______.

Answer:- a,d

Q10. The intensity of sun light incident on the earth is higher during the  ______  than   ____ of the day. And, therefore a solar
   device captures ___ light during that part of the day.

Answer:- a,d

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