NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality ASSIGNMENT 4 Answers 2022

Developing Soft Skills and Personality ASSIGNMENT 4

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality ASSIGNMENT 4 Answers 2022:- Hello students in this article we are going to discuss answers of Developing soft skills and personality ASSIGNMENT 4. All the Answers are provided here to help the students as a reference, You must submit your assignment to your own knowledge.

Below you can find NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality ASSIGNMENT 4 Answers

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NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality ASSIGNMENT 4 Answers 2022:-

Q1. Choose all the correct statements concerning ‘Verbal Communication’:

Answer:- a,b,f

Q2. An academic conference on Physics is organized in Chennai. One of the keynote presenters talks about the relation between Physics and Taoism. Some members started mocking the presenter, and many left the conference room even before the speaker finished his presentation, thinking that science and philosophy cannot cohere as the former is based on facts, while the latter, on abstract ideas.  A few years later, his ideas, published as a book titled The Tao in the Physics, was globally acclaimed, and won him many international awards. Identify the lessons pertaining to communication from the given scenario:

Answer:- a,c,d

Q3. Choose the correct statements about good communication:

Answer:- a,b,e

Q4. Consider that you are conducting a two-day workshop at IIT Kanpur on the topic, “How to Become an Active Listener.” At the end of the last day, you want to summarize everything you have taught. What are the appropriate points to add to your summary?

Answer:- a,b,d,e

Q5. What are the significances of ‘Active Listening’?

Answer:- a,c,d,e,f

Q6. Consider a hypothetical situation where you are organizing a public lecture on environmental issues and global warming at the event of Holi. The Keynote speakers are highly reputed and globally recognized. Hence, you do not want any barriers to the audience’s listening experience and ensure that the ideas are received well. What are the precautions you would take to avoid any listening barriers?

Answer:- a,b,d,e

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Q7. Identify genuine purposes for calling someone on the phone:

Answer:- e,f

Q8. Sudeep is from India but has lived in America for the past ten years. Owing to his busy work schedule, he did not visit his parents for a long-time. Hence, his parents, who are illiterate farmers, did not get an opportunity to see their grandchildren at all. Also their technological knowledge is limited to the use of an old television and a land line telephone. Sudeep had a bad experience talking over the phone to his father-in-law, who hates speaking over the phone; hence, he refrained from calling people from that moment. In such a situation, what are the appropriate ways for Sudeep and his parent to communicate with each other?

Answer:- d,e

Q9. Consider that you are working in a professional call center. What would be the best ways to tend to telephone calls?

Answer:- c,e,f

Q10. Identify the right ways to deliver unpleasant news:

Answer:- b,d

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Q11. Identify the appropriate meaning of the following sentence: “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

Answer:- c

Q12. Mohan was an average student who lacked concentration, and mostly heard lectures mindlessly, believing that he was genetically programmed to be like this and could not be an active listener. What is the right advice you would give to Mohan?


Q13. Choose the appropriate statement about listening:

Answer:- b

Q14. “The Human Communication” is a leading Human Relations and Public Relations company. Many celebrities hire their HR/PR from this firm for their publicity. The firm has scheduled a job interview to recruit young lads. You are invited as one of the panel members of the interview committee owing to your expertise in body language analysis. Your job is to find the best communicator through body language. Six candidates are in the final round, but only one can be recruited. Who would you consider having the appropriate skills among the six exhibiting the following traits:

Answer:- e

Q15. What is NOT a psychological barrier to active listening?

Answer:- d

Q16. Identify the person experiencing a communication barrier:

Answer:- c

Q17. Identify the person who has appropriate telephone communication skills:

Answer:- a

Q18. Fill in the blanks: “People used what they called a ________ because they hated being closer together and they were scared of being ________.”

Answer:- d

Q19. What is NOT an appropriate way to end a telephone conversation?


Q20. Identify the WRONG way to deal with a difficult caller:

Answer:- d

Q21. Research indicates that about sixty per cent of listening skill is involved in effective communication.

a. True
b. False

Answer:- a

Q22. In verbal communication, reading and listening are production skills.

a. True
b. False


Q23. Talkative people communicate better than calm and silent people.

a. True
b. False


Q24. Hearing is a mental activity that requires a lot of effort and concetration.

a. True
b. False


Q25. Aristotle said, “No one loves the messenger who brings the bad news.”

a. True
b. False


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