NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success ASSIGNMENT 2021

nptel Body language Key to professional Success assignemnt

Body language Key to professional Success One of the most important skills in a work environment is body language. The trend of effective public speaking has had many benefits over the years and people have been able to contribute more to meetings and discussions with visible enthusiasm and lively participation, all as a result of this tool that most effectively articulates views.

NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success is a MOOC course offered by IIT Madras on the NPTEL platform. When using the body to explain things, certain gestures make for more efficient communication than others, so it’s important to pay close attention to the effectiveness of your body language relative to what you are concentrating on conveying through it.  The course is developed by Prof. Rashmi Gaur teaches courses of Communication, Culture, Gender Studies and Media (Film and Literature) at IIT Roorkee.

  1. INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Undergraduates students
  2. Requirements/Prerequisites: Nil
  3. INDUSTRY SUPPORT: All industry


Average assignment score = 25% of the average of the best 3 assignments out of the total 4 assignments given in the course.
Exam score = 75% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100 Final score = Average assignment score + Exam score

Students will be eligible for CERTIFICATE ONLY IF AVERAGE ASSIGNMENT SCORE >=10/25 AND EXAM SCORE >= 30/75. If any of the 2 criteria are not met, the student will not get the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100.

NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success ASSIGNMENT WEEK 4 ANSWERS:-

Q1. What is the central concern of the study of paralanguage:

Answer:- C

Q2. Which of the following statement is NOT CORRECT about Polychronic culture:

Answer:- C

Q3. Silence is considered to be a form of communication in Non-Verbal Language. What is NOT the meaning of silence in NVC:

Answer:- D

Q4. In 1972, a Canadian Semiotics has first coined the term “Chronemics” and postulated that time is a bio psychological and cultural element of social interactions. Who is that person:

Answer:- B

Q5. Digital Body language is emergent field of research in body language. Who has coined the term:

Answer:- A

Q6. Richard Bandler and John Grinder are eminent researchers known for:


Q7. Which among the following nonverbal cues is dominant in both face to face conversation and digital conversation:

Answer:- C

Q8. Complete the sentence with appropriate expression:

Digital Body Language is introduced to…………………


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Q9. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT regarding Olfactics:

Answer:- A

Q10. What is referred to as glottal fry?


NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success ASSIGNMENT WEEK 3 ANSWERS:-

Q1. Which of the following is Not Correct during the time of face-to-face conversation:

Answer:- b

Q2. The name of the muscle which controls the smile in any facial expression is:

Answer:- a

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Q3. Which of the following statement is Not Correct about head nodding:

Answer:- c

Q4. While open palm is a suggestive of trustworthiness, downwards palm with straight fingers advocates:

Answer:- a

Q5. Feet speaks louder than the words. What does toes pointing upward while standing suggest:

Answer:- a

Q6. Legs and Feet are more honest in communication than the other body parts. Sitting with slightly open legs suggests:

Answer:- c

Q7. What does Covering the Mouth suggest:

Answer:- a

Q8. A pointing indexed finger is often thought to be offensive in any professional setting as …….

Answer:- a

Q9. Thumb movements are also important in body language. Please match the following considering the meaning of “Thumps Up” gesture in different cultural context.

Answer:- c

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Q10. The gesture of Steeple has been studied by:

Answer:- b

NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success ASSIGNMENT WEEK 2 ANSWERS:-

Q1. In which of the following handshake, the hand is offered in such a manner that the palm faces upwards:

Answer:- B – Submissive handshake

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Q2. The Mormon handshake, that is enthusiastic, vigorous, and prolonged, is practiced in:

Answer:- C – Utah

Q3. In which of the following countries, it is a taboo to touch somebody on head particularly the young children because it is considered to be inauspicious:

Answer:- B – Thailand and Laos

Q4. Which of the following types of Haptics stands for the design, construction, and use of machines to replace or augment human touch:

Answer:- B – Machine Haptics

Q5. Who among the following physiologists has observed 7,777 distinct gestures in classroom behaviour and 5,000 hand gestures in clinical situation:

Answer:- D- M. H. Krout

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Q6.  Illustrators are known as meta-communicative because:

Answer:- A – they are messages about messages

Q7.  Who among the following has rejected Darwin’s crucial argument regarding the connection of the mental states to the neurological organization of physical movement:

Answer:- A – Margaret Mead

Q8. A study by Ekman, Friesen, and Tomkins (1971) suggests that a face having dropping eyelids, lowered lips and cheeks, formation of tears, and corners of the mouth dropping downwards displays the features of a universal expression called:

Answer:- C – Sadness

Q9. The expressions that display a concealed emotion, showcase repression and suppression of feelings and are very brief in lasting are known as:

Answer:- D – Micro expressions

Q10. Fill in the blanks with correct options:While ………… expressions are complete with respect to temporal parameters, ………. expressions are not, although they last longer.


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NPTEL Body language Key to professional Success ASSIGNMENT WEEK 1 ANSWERS:-

Q1. Body language,’ a lay term for ‘nonverbal’ aspects of communication, was popularized in 1970s with the publication of a book by Julius Fast. The name of the book is:

Answer:- A – Body language 

Q2. The cultural anthropologist, Edward T. Hall has coined the term “proxemics” in 1963 in his book, entitled:

Answer:- A – The Hidden Dimension

Q3. In which of the following countries, sticking one’s head or body part into another’s house is usually not considered as territory invasion as long as one’s feet are outside the house:

Answer:- C – U.S.

Q4. Which type of feature space refers to “Spatial constellations which are formed by immobile elements, such as wall, territorial boundaries etc.”:

Answer:- A – Fixed feature space

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Q5. Which of the following context cultures believes in a precise communication, and is better codified and rule oriented:

Answer:- C – Low context culture

Q6.  In business, it is important to cast our gaze:Which is the right flow of action in academic writing

Answer:- C- On forehead and eyes

Q7.  Which of the following eye contacts is perceived to be hostile, angry, controlling, threatening, or doubting:

Answer:- B – Intense gaze

Q8. Eye contact is very important during the panel discussions. That is why in panel discussions as well as another public discussions, the physical arrangement of seating should be designed in such a way that 

Answer:- D – All of the above

Q9. Choose the correct option:………………. is an unconscious attempt by the person’s brain to block others from their sight because they have become bored and disinterested.

Answer:- B – Extended blinking

Q10. Who among the following pioneers in the study of Body Language has used the term “kinesics” to refer to the non-verbal aspects of communication:

Answer:- C- Ray Birdwhistell

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Note:- We do not claim 100% surety of answers, these answers are based on our sole knowledge and by posting these answers we are just trying to help students, so we urge do you assignment own your own.