Infosys fired 5000 freshers as they didn’t have these two qualities | Please be informed

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It is being reported from various sources that from different sectors of the company total 5000 fresher employees are terminated this year by Infosys who were not able to pass the FA examination of Infosys after joining Infosys.

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These people include graduates of 2022 and 2021 with max 1 year of experience,

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Earlier Infosys used to give multiple chances to people who used to fail FA examination ; but this time Infosys ; due to recession going on ; fired 5000+ freshers in the name of FA exam failure.

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy has revealed two important qualities that should be analyzed in new recruiters. He stated that having a strong value system and being competent are two essential qualities that new hires should possess while addressing the Nasscom Tech and Leadership Conference 2023 in Mumbai.

The ability of an employee to complete a job effectively and quickly can be tested right away, according to Murthy, who considers this to be one of the most crucial requirements. He also claimed that although it is challenging to determine in a short period of time whether a senior individual is conscious of system principles and capable of acting immediately for the benefit of the business, this is one of the qualities he believes a higher-level employee should possess.

“That will only manifest itself when their morals are put to the test. Value system verification is a tough task. I have no solution to that problem. But by taking quick and decisive action, you send a message to everybody in the company that this will not be tolerated and that’s a reasonable deterrent,” he added.

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It’s important to note that Infosys recently let go of 600 freshly recruited staff members after they underperformed on an internal test of evaluation given by the tech business, according to accounts. This news was released shortly after Wipro allegedly let go 400 freshmen for consistently failing tests even after their training session.