Infosys announces work from home after firing 5000+ innocent freshers

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It is being reported from various sources that from different sectors of the company total 5000 fresher employees are terminated this year by Infosys who were not able to pass the FA examination of Infosys after joining Infosys.

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These people include graduates of 2022 and 2021 with max 1 year of experience,

Earlier Infosys used to give multiple chances to people who used to fail FA examination ; but this time Infosys ; due to recession going on  ; fired 5000+ freshers in the name of FA exam failure.

Coming to work voluntary, though firm is encouraging staff to come for 1-2 days a week; statement is of significance as several firms are asking employees to head back to office

At a time when companies are trying to get employees to office, India’s second-largest information technology (IT) services firm has said that a flexible work model will be a key focus for the firm.

IT major, Infosys, has just provided a huge respite for its workers by allowing them to work from home. Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys, has expressed his disapproval of having people go to work.

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Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys, has stated that he is content with the company’s accommodating policy on workers’ returns to work. Workers are not required to report to work at this time. Roughly 45,000 people work for us in India, he said. Things appear to be progressing nicely at this point.

Salil Parekh’s comments have emerged at a time when leading IT firm TCS has been more stringent in its requirements for workers to get to work on time.